What is YZ?

Well, what the Deus is YZ??!!

While much hyped and despite the statements of any and all relevant professional literature, there is no real difference between Generations Y and Z. There is no single day from whence in 1995/2000 (depending on the source) the last Y saw the light of day, and henceforth only Z’s were born. Such clams are artificial and not supported by evidence. Any HR manager, marketer or educator who works according to these claims is headed in the wrong direction.

By my age, I am exactly at the supposed border of the two generations. And the truth is, possessing insight, I see and feel no difference. The reason why the vague definitions are set up, discussions are made and books are written upon the subjects is because the youth is misunderstood, but has consumer and workforce power, thus, being a hot issue, sociologists and psychologist realized there is much money to be made here.

And while they are not wrong on many things (this is their job after all), they work from raw data and thus come to generic conclusions.

I on the other hand possess firsthand insight that can help in understanding YZ as people rather than as statistics.

But there is no evident difference. There is a constant transition between these generations. We, for instance, born in 1992, are neither Y nor Z. We hold the common attributes of both and hence are YZ.

So, what IS YZ? Until I come up with a more epic name, I use Gen YZ as a collective term to define the group of people that “experts” segment into Y and Z. Because there is no difference. We are the same. We are one. We are Gen YZ.