About Me

Hi, I’m Krisz. 1991 was the year of the launch of the world’s first GSM network. The following year was the year of my birth.

I was 2 years old when the IBM Simon, the world’s first primitive smarphone-like gadget was launched, along with the world’s first real touchpad on the PowerBook 500 series. I was 3 at the release of Win 95. The google.com domain was registered at my age of 5. I was 9 at the time of birth of Wikipedia and the iPod. I was witness to the birth and rise of Skype at the age of 11 (and then witness to its downfall at my age of 20 when Microsoft acquired it). Facebook came along at my age of 12. I also saw the birth of Flickr at 12, Youtube at 13 and Twitter at 14.

These – and such – events are fundamental parts of my life record and of the world. This is why I’m Generation YZ. A YZ trespasser. I trespass the border of Y and Z set up by official standpoints on a daily basis.

By the way I also happen to be a YZ consultant and presenter. With an Oxford Brookes Bachelors in Business Studies degree and whatnot, with an IAA marketing certificate, with technological and musical interests, with open eyes, ears and mouth and frequently click-clacking keyboards, I go forth in this world.