What gives, yo?

Kids these days. We are loud. Disrespectful. Critical. Cynical. Engulfed in our technology. Care about nothing but money. Listen to horrible music.

Is that so? Perhaps. In the subjective eyes of our elders, anyways. But think about it. Were you any better when you were young? Or did you party out at Woodstock blackout stoned, high as the sky like those drunk kids at festivals now that you look down upon? Sometimes a little perspective helps.

And perspective, I intend to provide. Because the youth is not that bad. Well… it is, but not AS BAD as you think. Not if you understand their thought process, their emotions, drivers, likes and dislikes, if you gain INSIGHT into their beings.

Because we are more disrespectful, cynical, rude, honest in expression and more critical than previous generations. We no longer shut up. We express our displeasure. We stand up for ourselves. We fight against inconveniences. We are Generation YZ. And like it or not, we are the present and the future.

Of course, this is somewhat harder than ever before. The generation gap naturally existing between contemporary current and previous generations has always been there. Now however, with the internet, mobility, social media and all this shenanigans, it seems harder than ever for previous generations to understand the youth. Which is where this site comes in.


Who is this for?

For YZ

You can share your insights here. Trends. Likes. Fashion. Food. Bars. Things you do with friends. You can be a part of a community that makes an insight bank.

But you can do more than that. YOU can help show your employers, teachers, parents, companies you buy from what you really are like. You can help bust misconceptions. You can help make your own lives easier by showing them what they do wrong. You can stick it to them.

For “Adults”

You work in HR? You are trying to market to the youth? You are trying to manage your young workforce? You’re a teacher or professor trying to communicate with the youth? You’re a parent?

Do any and all of your attempts at communication with YZ fail miserably? Do you not understand them?

Most importantly; do you WANT to understand them?

If yes, you came to the right place. Gain insight. Find out how we think. Find out why we think that way. What drives us to behave a certain way.

Find out how you can reach us. How you can talk to us. Find out who we are.