Unfortunate But Forgiveable Advertising Hickup By Coke

Yeeee… I may be nitpicking here… But hey, isn’t that what you’re here to read?

Anyway, I, again, came across two “International Day of Happiness”… umm… posters…? Banners…? Pics…? Whatever. Pics by Coke. They are a bit old, I meant to write about them, now I got around to doing so.

This is the first:


I like it. This is pretty cool, It’s something that’ll make a YZ smile, and it strengthens the happiness image of Coke (despite the fact that the bottle graphic reeeeallly reminds me of them good ol’ Absolut Vodka ads, but kids these days don’t know that). But then there is this:


Which is cool. I see where you guys are going with this and that would be okay. It WOULD also support the message.

The problem is, however, you see, that it is uncomfortably reminiscent of a movie from a couple years back starring YouTube celebrity Shane Dawson as main character, which made the movie circle the interwebz back in the day.

That movie is called “Smiley”. And guess what the lovely murder dude in it looks like;


Yeeeee… Unfortunate.

In Coke’s defense the hype was over pretty quickly and everyone forgot about the shit, so they couldn’t really have known…

I mean, they KIND OF could’ve, had they googled the word “Smiley”. The movie is right up there among the recommended searches.



But I really don’t want to be a dick here. I could be, but I don’t want to. I’m in the same profession as the poor fellas who made the campaign, and it ain’t easy. And quite frankly, if I didn’t know about this bullshit movie, I wouldn’t have done my google homework either, because which sane person would think of this?

So ye. This is unfortunate, but in this case, I would say pretty unavoidable. Coke in general is a very YZ friendly brand, which I adore. Don’t you fellas worry about it. Keep up the good work! I just mentioned this, because… you know… It’s my job. 😉 :)

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