Talking To Teens… What A Drag…

mobile-only-teenRight, well… I found the following article on

And while part of this article is a satire, it has some key, and very good points, namely the first 3 on the first page. The rest… Well… Make of it what you will.

But if you wish to take something useful home from this, here is some advice: If you are a parent, educator, or brand and you wish to speak to teans; forget your “I still remember being this young” bullshit.

Ye. You were this young once. But you don’t remember shit. Because you have been an adult for so long that you have forgotten what its like to be a teen and what a teen goes through. How do I know that? Because while I’m still accepted thanks to the small age gap, I sometime shave a hard time putting myself in the shoes of teens. I literally don’t remember what it was like to be in highschool. And that wasn’t that long ago, I’m 24. You’re 40 or some shit. Need I say more?

So the advice is; if you want to parent, educate or sell to these teens; gain info, gain insight, get to tknow them, talk to them, but more importantly; LISTEN to them, talk to experts and be open minded. And for the love of all that is sacred, DO NOT be the “I told you so” adult. In fact, don’t even be the “I’m telling you so” adult. It has never, in the history of human kind, worked once. It won’t work for you either. Give it up.

If you want to parent, educate or sell to these teens, be their parter. They don’t give a shit about your authority.



  1. Sugar

    Nonihtg I could say would give you undue credit for this story.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you :)


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