LG Ad Spot, The Way To Go – YZ Relevant Campaing

I came across this ad entitled LG G5 : Jason Statham Commercial:

And it is AWESOME!

Why? Allow me to enumerate:

  1. Relevant music – how is this relevant you ask? As I pointed out before, memes are a thing. A big thing. Now, there is an ancient meme of leekspin or leek spin, occasionally known as l33k 5p1n, if you know leetspeak (or l33t5p34k), which started out from Loituma’s version of Ievan Polkka as this:

and ended up being this:

which persists as a meme even today. Quite addictive. Need I say more?

2. Visuals relevant to the target group – chaotic, absurd, full of easter eggs (figuratively AND literally) keeping the audience captive until the end.

One tiny thing I would like to call your attention to: a moment at the beginning. See, there is a device called a smartphone, which we, Gen YZ know. And mostly ignore in ads. Now this LG smartphone has a feature (it is modular) that we have only seen as a concept, if even. This feature is shown off with the same motion several times, but not explained. Even throughout the spot, you see modular accessories, such as the VR glass looking thing and the ball that I assume to be a speaker, but the product is shown off in an interesting, relevant way in well-established shots, spiking interest. AND, as chaotic as it is, they convey perfectly how immersive this phone and all its accessories are. So even though we don’t find out a whole lot, this spot is enough to make us want to google the product.

Thus even if the film were shit, we’d still watch to the end to figure out what this phone is. But the film is not shit. It is epicness. 3p1cn355, I say!

3. Relevant visuals to the product – Modular suggests anything can be added. Can you imagine anything you CAN’T add to this movie? I can’t.

4. Audience relevant WHILE true to the brand image – Well, isn’t this what all brands fear? If we make a spot relevant to YZ, we will DESTROY our image!!!!!!!!! No. No you won’t. Not only can you tell from the directing and the filming style that this is an LG spot, it also happens to supplement the brand image rather than ruin it.

Why Jason Statham? Of all the badass/YZ relevant people, why Jason Statham? I have no clue. But it works like a charm.


Well… If I have to spell this out… Meet this minimum standard of target audience relevance… It ain’t so hard, is it?


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