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Today, a post came to my attention from the country of the Netherlands. This place blows my mind, because it reflects pretty much everything that the majority of this generation of YZ people stand for and want the world to be. I would describe it in more detail, but… oh what the hell, let the post speak for itself.

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— I cannot be accused of having become particularly fond of the Netherlands or the dutch, but today, my jaw actually dropped.

As I spend most of my days at home translating, despite my preference of solitude, at times I wish to be amongst people.

Yesterday, I googled “Utrecht for digital nomads”, and what I found exceeded any and all of my expectations.

I would have been completely satisfied with a quieter coffee house that provides free Wi-Fi, however I write now from such a co-working installation, where about a hundred people are working around me. There are tables for standing work, bean-bag chairs, round community table, chairs made of bicycle saddles, on which whoever wants to can drive two pedals. All tables have power sockets… the Wi-Fi is fast… At 13:00, the place transformed into a lunch buffet thanks to the corresponding coffee shop. The tables are stacked with fruits, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, cheese, bio yoghurt drinks, some cold collation, mixed salads with seeds, fresh bread and pastry with seeds, two kinds of soup and lemonade. Coffee and tea are available all day.

Oh, and, I haven’t even said the main point.

It’s all free.

Yes, you read it right. They didn’t ask a penny for the place, nor for the lunch.

Because here, you pay with your knowledge if someone requires it.

When reserving a spot online, you have to add your profession, what you are working on right now and what you can help others with.

If I want, I can ask for webdesign tips, language teaching, or PR help from those working here.

It only depends on who’s here and what they know.

I asked the receptionist how they pay for all of this.

The response: renting negotiation rooms and conference rooms is their main profile. That’s what generates profit. Paying clients pay for food as well. They “support” about a hundred nomads a day from the generated profit, and all they ask in return is to help each other.

This is Seats2Meet, and it exists in other towns/countries as well. —


This speaks for itself. Enough said. :)


  1. Bobbi

    Arilctes like this just make me want to visit your website even more.

    1. admin (Post author)

      That’s very kind of you. :)


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