Master’s Degree YZ Marketers – IBS MSC Lecture


I was, for the second time, invited to hold a lecture at IBS as a guest lecturer, this time on the Master’s program for the Contemporary Issues in Marketing subject on 2016.02.2.  The lecture detailed the relationship Gen YZ has with Marketing Communication and vice-versa.

The lecture itself was, again, divided into four sections:

  1. Who is Gen Y?
  2. Why are they such a hot topic?
  3. What is Gen Y like?
  4. How have Millennials changed marketing communication?

In this 45 minute lecture, I put emphasis mainly on the shift in platforms back from social media sites to chat clients, especially in the US, and the engagement and advertising opportunities this shift brought on. Another focus of this lecture was the different ways and means of engaging Gen YZ in marketing communication, from youth style, through internet memes, to strong emotions.

I was overjoyed by the active, interested audience. The 45 minute lecture ended up being extended by almost half of its intended duration, due to the ensuing questions the participants brought up. It was heartwarming for me to see my audience so engaged by and interested in the topic of YZ.

I would hereby also like to pay my gratitude to my former professor and dissertation supervisor, Dr. Nagy Bálint for this invitation.


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