Diesel plz… Stahp… – Online Marketing Fail From Diesel To Gen YZ

diesel-3There is a very fine line between when your ad is YZ relevant, and when it annoys the living shit out of them, offends them, infuriates them. Or so marketers say to justify when they fail miserably. In truth, the line isn’t so fine, as a matter of fact, asking simple questions from the right people can clear any misunderstandings up and save you a mass of trouble.

That is clearly not what Diesel did in their new campaign that was meant to be critical, but instead ended up being cynical, meant to utilize popular online activity of the “post-digital generation” (whatever that may mean), but ended up being an unimaginative, degrading and at times straight up offensive and insulting campaign full of clichés, that was rightfully called out on their bullshit on adweek. Read the full article here: http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/diesel-awkwardly-stuffs-every-online-obsession-new-global-ad-campaign-169067

So this is where we are at. The pinnacle of marketing to YZ. Cliché youth, some actors looking like they are under the influence of whatever substance, terrible icon and emoji usage, cheap, mind you million times repeated internet gags, degrading videos, images and gifs, as if you were complaining about your own kids in a very expensive and effortful manner.

What is the moral of this story?

Protip to you, who wish to engage YZ:

Don’t offend, insult, antagonize, belittle and degrade your target audience when communicating to them. They will not take it with the utmost appreciation. Christ, I can’t believe this needs to be said.

Protip #2:

If you want to use YZ behavioral elements, patterns and habits, ASK THEM how to portray them realistically and in an appealing manner. A few questions go a long way. Read more about this in the article “What Is Insight And Why Don’t We Have It? – Why Can’t Companies And Advertisers Reach Generation YZ?” here: http://yzinsight.com/index.php/2016/01/11/what-is-insight-and-why-dont-we-have-it-why-cant-companies-and-advertisers-reach-generation-yz/

This is not the way to go:


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