BGF Lecture Talk – Gen YZ and Marketing

Kép1On 2015.11.21 I held a lecture talk at BGF, Budapest Business School. Much in the same fashion as the talk at IBS, this lecture discussed the aspects of marketing communication that must be adapted/changed in order to fit the needs and wants of Gen YZ.

The presentation itself was divided into four sections:

  1. Who is Gen Y?
  2. Why are they such a hot topic?
  3. What is Gen Y like?
  4. How have Millennials changed marketing communication?

Seeing as I had more one and a half hours for the talk, I went into more detail about the specific media platforms that can be used to reach the generation, how these platforms differ from each other, and how the approach taken by advertisers in using these platforms must critically and radically differ from the commercial, sales type approach they are used to in using traditional media.

Overall I greatly enjoyed giving this talk, it was a wonderful 90 minutes, with lovely, lively, active members of the audience willing to engage in short discussions, having brilliant insights and thoughts of their own. I hereby thank them for their kind attention and participation. I would hereby also like to pay my gratitude to Dr. Harsányi Dávid for this invitation.

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