Great Scott! The Future Is Here!

great_scott_400Well, it’s finally here. 2015.10.21. came to an end. The day when Doc, Marty and Jennifer arrive in the “future” in the DeLorean. This was also the day, as the people of the internet have so kindly pointed out, from which on the trilogy plays entirely in the past.

The internet blew up with BTTF hype, including but not exclusive to news sites, gag sites, blogs and youtube channels. And for good reason. The trilogy is dear to the hearts of many, including a vast portion of Gen YZ. We all awaited the technologies of the future foretold by the iconic movies.


I purposely waited until the very end of BTTF Day to post this article, giving the world and the scientific community all available time to announce that the awesome tech in the second movie is commercially available. And I am utterly disappointed by the world’s inability to live up to the expectations of my inner child. And to remedy this, arrived the notification to my phone today, that CinemaSins joined the hype and tore Back To The Future 2 to bits pointing out every fallacy within the movie. And being the notorious dick about matters that displease me, as you could see in my previous articles, I present to you; the CinemaSins video:

Okay, okay, BEFORE every fan who reads this unites into one huge mob to lynch me, let me say a few things.

Sure, I am disappointed somewhat, seeing as I awaited “the future” from childhood, and many things I liked in the movie are far from being a thing. That being said, the films of the Back To The Future trilogy are among my all-time favorite movies. I grew up loving them and having grown up I still love them. As a matter of fact, this scene right here:

This scene right here was one of the major inspirations for me to learn to play the guitar. Seriously though. When I could play enough, I even ended up playing Johnny B. Goode on a class trip talent show. I shit you not.

And ye sure. The hoverboard didn’t come around. Because this shit right here:

As cool as it may be, isn’t the hoverboard. It needs a specific type of surface to work and operates based on electromagnetism. The best even Lexus could do in creating one was a cheap trick of hiding the conductors in the concrete. Utter disappointment.

Nonetheless, MANY of the technologies predicted by the movie came around. And much more. Let’s see what we got.

Flying cars

Okay, no sky highway and whatnot, and they aren’t wide-spread. BUT! There are several WORKING models at the moment. The technology exists. Soooo win, I guess…?

3D Movies

Not specifically as the 3D holo-projection ad in the movie, but sure we got several different technologies to give film 3D depth. And several science teams ARE indeed working on the “holo-projection” technology, with varying success. We’re getting there.

Video Chat

Video chat on a TV with anyone, anywhere.  Ye. In the world of computers and smart TVs, I’d say we nailed that one. And surpassed it. Pocket-size devices are also video chat capable. Mind you, said devices are friggin’ microcomputers. As in computers scaled to fit in your pocket. Think about that.

Goggle TV

Google Glass, Oculus Rift, and now Microsoft HoloLens around the corner, devices you wear on your face that are either individual computers, or enhanced wearable screens, I must say, we exceeded the expectations.

Autonomous Trashcan Robot

That little robot that goes up to Doc so he can get rid of the Almanac? Ye. That thing exists too, although not wide-spread. Check it out:

Car Running On Garbage

Well… Even though cars do not use garbage directly, but Toyota came up with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered car, the hydrogen for which is produced in landfills, from trash. Yep. Mr. Fusion is around the corner.

Mind you, their marketing communication campaign for the car is absolutely genius, made SPECIFICALLY for this day, SPECIFICALLY in the theme of BTTF!!!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!! It even made it on to adweek, and with good reason. It’s pure awesomeness. Check it out:

Need I go on?

Alright, sure, Nike is still yet to fulfill their promise of the self-lacing shoe, but hey, we can’t have everything.

In any case, this trilogy is iconic. Of course that is not saying anything new, but it really is an integral part of the childhood of YZ, a topic of discussion to date, and quite frankly, one of the most epic trilogies of all time.

Personally, I would say it had a huge role in making my childhood awesome. I think of these films fondly, and wish you all a happy Back To The Future Day!

And yes, the list goes on about the tech the second movie predicted. So shout out to all you fans out there:

I challenge you all to find further accurate technological predictions in Back To The Future 2.

Write the accurate predictions you find in the comments, and indicate your favorite! Let’s see who finds the most! :)

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